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Gang Intervention Program

The reNOUNce, deNOUNce Gang Intervention Program spans a duration of ten weeks and is meticulously crafted to engage at-risk individuals aged twelve to thirty.

The overarching objective of this program is to illuminate the detrimental effects of gang involvement, highlighting its discord with one's self, familial relationships, and societal harmony.

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Laron Douglas

The reNOUNce deNOUNce Gang Intervention Program was conceived from the personal journey of Laron Douglas, who navigated between Chicago, Illinois, and East Cleveland during his youth. Developed during his time in incarceration, this program has proven transformative for its participants.


Spanning 10 weeks, this intensive program targets at-risk youth aged 12-17, irrespective of gender, who are either involved in gangs or at risk of joining one. It serves as a preventive measure and provides practical guidance on confronting issues such as bullying, peer pressure, conflict resolution, critical thinking, and decision-making. What sets this program apart is the inclusion of Laron Douglas's firsthand life experiences, which encompass his high-ranking affiliation in a notorious Chicago gang, surviving being shot by rival gang members, and spending 22 years in prison.


Through sharing these experiences, Laron Douglas effectively connects with the youth, guiding them through the complexities of gang activity and influence. Graduates of the program come to understand their potential to contribute positively to society, realizing their ability to pursue any path they choose as they transition into adulthood.

Pastor Angela Douglas

Pastor Angela Douglas serves as the Program Administrator, website developer, and teacher/consultant for the program. With a background in consulting for the board of elections and teaching in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and surrounding suburbs, she brings a wealth of experience.


Angela holds degrees in Music and Music History, but her extensive work with nonprofits in Cleveland has been instrumental in shaping this exceptional program. Angela and Laron first crossed paths in high school, and their friendship blossomed into a unique love that culminated in marriage. Their shared commitment to giving back to their communities drives their collaborative efforts on this program, bringing them immense fulfillment.


The program's reach extends into juvenile and adult rehabilitation facilities, where expertise on gangs is shared through seminars for employees. Your interest in the services offered by the Ohio Department of Youth Services is greatly appreciated. Let's continue empowering Ohio's youth, supporting their success, and fostering stronger, safer communities for all.

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