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The mission of the reNOUNce, deNOUNce Gang Intervention Program is to empower at-risk individuals, break the cycle of gang involvement, and foster safer communities through comprehensive education, support, and intervention initiatives.

Supporting Area School Districts

Our program offers seminars and lectures tailored for school administrators, staff, and teachers. Additionally, we conduct rallies and classes aimed at providing gang intervention and prevention strategies to the youth.


We Provide Tips From Consultants and Educators

Engaging consultants and educators enables us to educate leaders working with our youth, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their needs from both professional and educational viewpoints.

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Partnership with Health & Wellness Providers

Serenity Health & Wellness Corporation (SHWC), headquartered in Northeast Ohio, delivers exceptional behavioral health services tailored to low-income, predominantly African American individuals and families. The organization is dedicated to addressing mental health disparities.


Helping Juveniles and Adult Offenders

We collaborate closely with local and state juvenile and adult prison facilities in Ohio. Additionally, we maintain strong partnerships with juvenile/adult parole officers and judges to support juvenile and adult offenders.

Educating Leaders Who Work With Proven Risk Youth

Through workshops, we provide education to organizations and individuals who work with at-risk youth, assisting them in identifying and effectively addressing youth involved in gang activity.

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Giving Back Within Local Communities

Our Community Assist Team offers food and comprehensive support services to local communities in need.

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